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The central kitchen supply chain emerged

The central kitchen supply chain emerged at the historic moment, and small and medium-sized restaurants are moving towards standardization!

People's lives are inseparable from the support of three meals a day, and the importance of the catering industry is self-evident. In recent years, the downstream market demand of the catering industry has continued to increase, and the upstream supply chain has been rapidly expanded. The processing and efficient supply of meals with a central kitchen as the core has become a new trend in the development of the catering industry. However, most of the small and medium-sized catering stores cannot afford the self-built model and are still in the traditional catering processing mode. Aiming at the vacancies in the development of the industry, a group of upstream central kitchen supply companies have grown!

With the increasingly fierce market competition, winning consumers with high-quality food and standardized flavors has become a means for the steady development of catering stores. Large-scale catering chain brands have built their own central kitchens. Most of the products are prefabricated and packaged in the factory, and then heated and manufactured in stores for direct sales, reducing the workload of instant cooking in the kitchen after catering. But for non-chain restaurants, it is not realistic to build a high-cost central kitchen.

According to relevant industry insiders, at least 80% of catering stores in my country are still using traditional methods for back kitchen processing, and their competitive advantages are not obvious. The establishment of the upstream central kitchen supply chain is a product of boosting the development of small and medium-sized catering stores.

At present, the local central kitchen has been able to provide various types of products such as quick-frozen products and semi-finished cooking products for local large supermarkets, convenience stores, and independently operated catering stores, which can basically meet market demand.

In addition, the establishment and application of cold chain logistics facilities have added impetus to the central kitchen supply chain. The central kitchen pursues product freshness. Oriented by store demand, the central kitchen processing plant will use a large-scale cold chain system to ensure that the corresponding food is ready to eat in a shorter time according to the needs of different stores, so as to improve the professionalism and utilization rate of the product supply chain. The catering industry provides relatively low-cost supply chain services.

Scale, standardization, and intelligence are the necessary paths for the future development of the catering industry. The establishment of upstream supply chain services represented by the central kitchen will become a solid backing for the high-quality and efficient development of small and medium-sized catering stores. At the same time, it will further expand the coverage of the central kitchen model in the catering industry and promote the overall development of the industry.

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