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Poor Part Detail

                                                  Poor Part Detail

Possible reason


Sheet was cold

Increase sheet temperature

Sheet temperature is not uniform

Eliminate the airflow in the heating area, isolate the heating area and add the clamp-rail heater as needed


Partial vacuum is insufficient



Improve contact with the mold

A. Repair vacuum leaks;

B. Clean clogged vacuum holes and vents;

C. Add vacuum holes or vents to problem areas;

D. Ensure a good seal around the perimeter or parts, ensure that the buffer tank and vacuum pump are large enough to quickly achieve the required vacuum;

Clamp frame is not hot enough

Heat the frame to the recommended temperature

Insufficient vacuum or pressure

Check the vacuum or pressure of the mold, avoid 90° bends in the vacuum system, and check if the vacuum holes are blocked Increase the number of holes;

Not enough vacuum

A. Check the vacuum design;

B. Set back discharge vacuum hole;

C. Use a vacuum slot instead of a vacuum hole


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