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How to choose PP grade for PP food packaging box

Food blister packaging boxes are generally made of PP materials, but according to customer requirements and product characteristics. The choice of PP materials is also diverse, because PP materials are also divided into PP natural color, PP natural color transparent, PP high transparent material, and PP color material. Each PP material has different product characteristics and different uses. Here is an explanation of the characteristics and uses of the blister packaging boxes produced by each PP material.

The general characteristics of natural PP material can only be resistant to low temperatures, so the product can be refrigerated, generally used for supermarket meat, cooked food packaging, the color can be PP natural white, or other PP colors green or red.

PP natural color transparent material, we also call translucent PP material, the characteristics of this material have both high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance, but low temperature and high temperature resistance are not very good. Therefore, we can only make some products that are not very strict with low temperature resistance and high temperature resistance, which are generally used for factory dumplings, xiaolongbao, and glutinous rice balls. This product cannot be processed at high temperature in a micro-boiler.

PP is a highly transparent material, this PP material is the best low temperature and high temperature resistance, and can also be sealed, and the price of this material is also the highest. Therefore, some products require both high temperature and low temperature resistance. We generally use high-transparent PP materials to produce products. Products made of this PP material are processed at high temperatures in a micro-boiler.

PP material actually has a feature of low density, so after blister molding, the product is thinner than other materials such as PVC and PET, so we need to use thicker materials when designing PP products.

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